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From Style Blogger by Kimball Hastings in Teen Vogue Magazine 2006

Sorry I could not scan the whole article, but the scanner is absent.

The Riot Act
by Kimball Hastings

Nothing in fashion has created more rock-star-style pandemonium like H&M's designer collaborations. Karl Lagerfeld has always been larger-than-life, but since his stint for the Swedish retailer, the Kaiser (as the German dynamo is nicknamed) has been treated like the King (as in Elvis) Now, avant-garde Dutch duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are stealing the cheap-and-chic spotlight with a collection of tuxedo-inspired clothes. Will it be a case of hysteria repeating? Style Blogger put that very question to Panic! At the Disco, a band that is no stranger to frenzied fans--or formal dressing."I love shirts with built-in ties," says guitarist Ryan Ross, as he helps model Holly Bartle slip a vest over a Viktor & Rolf for H&M bow-neck sweater. Add skinny jeans, and Holly could easily take center stage with the quartet. "We incorporate vaudeville and old Hollywood into our performances and look," says Ryan, describing a mix that also sums up Viktor & Rolf's runways shows in Paris. Just don't expect to see a bargain version of the twosome's infamous pillow-topped dresses at your local H&M. "What we've created are classics with a twist." A formula guarenteed to inspire panic, not at the disco, but on the sales floor.

Nicely written, Hastings!
Ha, a panic on the sales floor?
Now, for those of you who are not familiar with the band, Panic! At the Disco, here is a shot of them.
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