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Antidote to Reality

Viktor & Rolf
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Often mistaken for twins, the geniuses behind Viktor & Rolf (the fashion label) are Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. Hailing from the Netherlands, they managed to win over everyone in the fashion world with their masterpieces and presence. They first started working in the early 90s as interns to Martin Margiela and Jean Colonna. From there, they went from organizing closets to managing their own collection and eventually expanding their line to eyewear and parfums.

Mixing modernity and adding their own dose of their fascinating imagination, the duo express their work on timeless classics to extraordinary works of art. They are also known to walk their own fashion shows, most notably, their Monsieur collection (for men)..because who else to display their works of art than none other than themselves? However, no complaints, because they look as good as the clothes!

Not only do they create fashion, they also have two parfums, Flowerbomb (for women) and Antidote (for men). Even on parfums, it takes you away from reality and into your own, and that's what Viktor & Rolf want you to experience.